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 Who we are 


We make decisions quickly, with short chains of command. We have the highest degree of knowledge and vast experience in our field of business. This solid platform allows us to build long-standing partnerships with our customers, who look to – and rely upon – Cispetro for nimble thinking, creative solutions – and an unwavering commitment to reliability.

We are not speculators on absolute price movements. Nor do we expose ourselves or our customers to unnecessary risks. Rather, we use our knowledge, local understanding and experience to anticipate change, marshal resources and deliver innovative, effective and reliable logistics solutions. Our principal responsibility is to our customers; we are able to think fast and act decisively.

Cispetro is a very different kind of business. It is a privately owned company and one in which the focus is always, without exception, on our customers.

Our partnership model is at the heart of the way we do business and gives us a very real advantage as compared with competitors who are required to consider the needs of external shareholders as well as customers.

World class shipping operation is an essential part of the management of our supply chain, underpinned by the depth of operational experience that exists in our team.

Within Cispetro, the shipping function is not only a service provider, transporting commodities in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way possible but is a competitive business in its own right.

What we do


CISPETRO LLC is an UAE privately owned company established in 2010 by a professional in the field of oil trading and shipping activities.  Our main activities involve trading and our trading is, first and foremost, physical. We:

  • Charter tankers and transport oil products. We also broker deals and charter ships on behalf of our associated cargo owners.

  •  Source and Supply genuine and high quality spare parts for oil tankers.

  •  Hire storage facilities for the oil products and manage the logistics involved

  •  Provide technical services to the oil tankers, including ship management functions.

  • Trade oil products like fuel oil, Naphta, etc.